Why Art Matters

The end of last school year we sponsored a great art project. It was called "Windows of Me" taught at Independence and Provo High. We discussed the difference between "mirror art" and "window art." Students contributed their thoughts on how "mirror art" reflects what people want to see. Mirror art is generally surface level. You can think of it as an Instagram feed where every photo is perfectly posed to present a beautiful perception of reality. "Window art," on the other hand, lets you see into the artist's thoughts, feelings, and soul. Window art allows for much more dimension and meaning.

Students were instructed to construct a display of 9 tiny "windows," each shedding light on a particular aspect of their unique personality. The project was meant to be explorative and introspective. INK was pleased to conclude that the students DELIVERED - not only was their art aesthetically pleasing, but it dug deep, personal, and raw.    

This brings us to why art matters. In a world where "mirror art" is not only the norm, but widely embraced as an indicator of value in life [back to our perfect Instagram feed and its thousands of fake followers], real art **REAL ART** is the most powerful tool to combat such frivolity. Art matters in school as an essential means by which students can express [and protect] what is theirs - not theirs on the outside, but theirs on the inside. As they discover beauty and value in that core, they will feel less need to desperately chase the finicky winds of virtual acceptance. Secure individuals equals secure citizens which equals confident, self-sustaining nations. 

INK Menswear sponsors meaningful art curriculum in classrooms of underserved youth by providing guest educators, unique art experiences, and by stocking art supplies. INK provides opportunities for students to experiment, design, and learn about business and manufacturing processes. This education can benefit students now and in their planning for higher education. #strengthenhumanties