H U M A N - T I E S

O U R   H U M A N   T I E S

INK profits help us achieve our goal: To help people become all they are meant to be.

Many in this world lack the opportunity to discover their potential. Two reasons for this are poverty and lack of education. INK addresses these concerns on a local and international level.

L O C A L 

INK is helping people become all they are meant to be by investing in the great ideas of the future.

By purchasing an INK tie, you are contributing to the art and entrepreneurship education of American youth. INK is teamed with TEENS ACT, an organization devoted to educating and inspiring underserved youth to graduate from high school and continue on to higher education. We sponsor tech savvy, business smart, design oriented youth who show promise and courage to make a difference. As we invest in their education, we invest in a brighter future for all.

I N T E R N A T I O N A L 

The best way to combat poverty is to build for-profit business.

Unlike handouts, which create a culture of dependency, for-profit business creates sustainable solutions that can bless families for generations.

MOTIIS is a company in Mombasa, Kenya, that is changing the frontier of social enterprise. Instead of hiring “employees,” MOTIIS helps individuals start their own franchise, thus empowering them to build and scale their own business. MOTIIS provides the supplies and mentoring that many small business owners lack in order to succeed. By teaching people how to help themselves, MOTIIS is increasing the self-sufficiency of families and reinforcing the idea that people matter.

For every INK tie sold, we contribute to the MOTIIS mentorship program which trains university students on how to be effective mentors in third world environments. We want individuals to learn the skills necessary to become their best selves.

To learn more about the micro-franchise business model and how it can help people become all they are meant to be, click here.   

What exactly do we contribute? We like to say we are "TIED" to our cause. For each neckwear item sold, we tie $1 to education.