As the creator of INK, I have been inspired by many individuals who have shared openly about their learning and growth, both professionally and personally.

Here's some background on how we came to the concept of Micro Social Enterprise, why it matters, and how it works. 


You know, I used to be out to "save the world" - to do my part anyway ;). I was born with that root & natural desire & it's played a major role in all my work & school & life decisions. It took me to Africa, Asia, Central America, & a slew of other continents & valuable life experiences. My research has focused on traditional "aid" reform, and how to utilize for-profit business to alleviate poverty. "Saving the world" is still a big part of me, but recently I have felt a shift in my heart & mind.

I'm learning that my part of the world to save is my family, my community, & those within my more immediate sphere of influence. From there, I can branch out, but that core has to be secure.

Obvious right?! Maybe not. . . 

I see so many people and companies searching for a cause or charity - generously providing handouts to people they don't know, which is actually quite wonderful. It is selfless & inspiring. Sometimes though, we, myself included. . . we look beyond the mark.

Who really needs us?

Many people have saved me along the way - and it wasn't the President of the United States or the leader of a successful organization, or the donation of some amazing charity . . . it was my parents, my friends, my neighbors -

There is great value in organizing the elements to do good on a large scale - someone has to do that and I always wanted to be part of it. But there are so many BIG [and important] things to be done on a "small" scale too.

My purpose - both professionally & personally - is made more clear when I zoom in and focus. This will be the mindset as we move forward as a company and as true "international next of kin." Kin means family. We start here.

We coined the term Micro Social Enterprise to mean: Many individual people using their individual time and talents to strengthen [and save] "their world" on a ground level. 

No one knows the needs of your family and local community like you do. It is our hope that every time you wear an INK tie, that you consider doing one small act of service. . . something meaningful, perhaps spontaneous, and something unique to you. Not all service requires money. Consider. . .  

- Dropping a sincere compliment

- Listening to someone . . . really listening + eye contact

- Lending a stranger a hand

- Writing a letter of encouragement

- Reading with a child . . . maybe your child, or a child within your sphere of influence 

- Share your ideas here!

Remember, we are all "tied together" and this is Y[OUR] world to save.