• Why the name International Next of Kin?

Thanks for asking! Our name is important. It embodies our spirited belief that All people are beautiful and deserve to reach their potential. We’re all “tied” together in one way or another, and it is our privilege and responsibility to help each other succeed.

  • Why the focus on fashion and ties?

We love ties! Specifically, we love their ability to individualize and unify at the same time. A tie is the focal point of an outfit and THE accessory for telling the story about you.

Living in a tie-wearing community, we saw a need to design ties truer to the population wearing them. These are not standard, run-of-the-mill men/young men. These are students, athletes, scientists, app designers, rock-climbers, cyclists, musicians, snowboarders. These are discoverers and game changers–men with passion and purpose. In reality, no man [or woman] is “standard” or one-dimensional. We recognized this truth and integrated it into our unique design.

  • What’s behind your unique design? - basically “business in the front, party in the back”

Lol! It works, right?!

In an INK tie, you can go to work or church and feel Totally confident. Our “Tongues” are designed for class and sophistication. They are meant to make you look sharp in any situation. Our “Tails” are that slice of personality that’s true to you. They’re never flashy or over-the-top. Tails are subtle and cool – meant for that “accidental” sighting. People call us the “Stance Socks” of neckwear. It’s that kind of effect.

  • Where and how did you get started?

INK started in the Startup Building at CAMP 4 in Provo, Utah. We're proud to be one of the many businesses that once called the old Startup Candy Factory home. 

A ton of initial work went into fabric design, both the weave/texture, and the actual printed patterns. In collaboration with young local artists, we designed, developed, and tested sample after sample until we determined the exact colors, look, and feel specific to INK. We wanted something fresh and current that could reflect the “happening life” we see around us. 

  • What is the goal of INK?

Our goal is to create neckwear that enriches your personal style and establishes a culture of kinship. That’s what it says in our mission statement and we stand behind that 100%.