Young Utah company takes the men’s tie industry by storm: Introducing Tongue & Tail™ skinny ties by INTERNATIONAL NEXT of KIN™
It’s time for a fresh spin on neckwear.

In their hot-off-the-press designs, International Next of Kin™ (INK) combines a classic and sophisticated front, or “tongue,” with a personality-charged “tail.” The combination represents a true dimensional you. Their motto: Stay Tied to What You Love & Never Tied Down™. 

It’s this stealthy rebellious spirit that has propelled INK ties into the hands of collegiate basketball stars, bio-engineering grad students, Silicon Valley business techs, and socially-aware/trendsetting high schoolers from coast to coast.

International Next of Kin™ presents and interesting twist on social impact, focusing on the "mirco" efforts of individuals rather than the macro efforts of organizations.  

Their message and ties are as unique as the individuals who wear them. Join this neckwear remix! 


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International Next of Kin™ ties come in a variety of fabrics: cotton, linen, knit, wool and woven poly. We carefully select only the best materials that add substance and character to each tie. INK collaborates with young local artists to produce the art for our “tails.” This keeps the brand current and fresh.